Gradual, meaningful writing connections.

Jas Hothi
2 min readFeb 21

I caught up with a writer friend today I’ve known for more than 3 years having met through the web via mutual writer friends we both know.

We spoke over Zoom about a bunch of things, from writing memoir to publishing projects to social media, cats, and more.

One of the things I’ve realised about “putting yourself out there” on the internet is that relationships happen through slow, gradual unfolding. It’s an opposite energy to the constant push that working in sales came with in my prior recruitment life.

I find myself thinking of the blogs I’ve read (or the podcasts I’ve listened to) for a good while, before stepping into a conversation of some kind. Slow, and measured.

Generally-speaking, the relationships formed online are slow-burners, and that’s totally okay. By the time we’ve gotten to having a conversation of some kind, there’s often a lot of warmth there; it’s amazing how deeply you can get to know someone from reading their writing (or otherwise engaging with the creative expression they’ve sprung forth).

The level of connection can often be deeper than physical, verbal conversations. Indeed, by the time it comes to that first call, you can feel like you know them like an old friend already.

Having shown up and written on the internet for nearly 8 years now, I continue to remind myself of the joy of the written exchanges I’ve had, some of which have become audio/video calls, and many of which have seen me make writer friends and acquaintances around the world, whom I’ve been grateful to have shared a meaningful connection with.

Going back to a call I had earlier today, there were pangs of insights I received from this writer who I’ve witnessed grow and unfurl and be carried along on the journey she’s been on so far. As writers, our paths converge hither-and-thither, and we support one another on our journeys of writing and healing and becoming the best versions of ourselves we can be.

I’d already been left with some food for thought after my call today… Upon glancing over my emails this evening, she shared with me a couple of links she referenced during our call that she thought I’d enjoy (incidentally, shared with her by a mutual writer friend of ours).

Thank you, Shanna.

Jas Hothi

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