Taking control of her own narrative: Pamela Anderson (part 1)

“I just still can’t wrap my mind around that amount of vulnerability…”

Jas Hothi
2 min readFeb 2


I am in awe of the courage and trust Pamela Anderson has demonstrated in the production of her Netflix documentary, ‘Pamela, a love story’.

Not only did she take herself back to traumatic experiences and periods in her life, but she allowed filmmaker Ryan White full access to years of her private tapes and diaries.

In his words:

“What a massive responsibility to have one of the most famous people in the world, every diary of theirs from their entire life. Every inner thought that that person has ever had, I just still can’t wrap my mind around that amount of vulnerability it takes to hand that over to a third party.”

He goes on to describe being trusted with the responsibility and access to these intimate archives, ones that Pamela hadn’t ever watched back…

“She hasn’t ever looked at them. She watches a few of them in our film, and it was so emotional and triggering that she never wanted to do it again.”

… or re-read back:

“Likewise, the diaries are everywhere. Her house is covered in them. She didn’t want to reread them. She said, “Take them.””

And he shares the enormity of the trust and responsibility he was given in making the documentary film and sharing her story:

“I felt an extreme responsibility to not betray Pamela in any way, because she is already is so open and vulnerable and non-controlling.”

Quite extraordinary.

“I wanna take control of the narrative for the first time” — Pamela Anderson, on ‘Pamela, A Love Story’





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